My Multiple Sclerosis Journey

It was on the 17th July 2015, that my life took an unexpected turn, one that I was not at all prepared for. Leading up to this date, I had on the 14th July 2015 visited my GP because I was feeling really unwell. A small swelling was evident below my ear, which I thought was a spider bite. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and made mention that the swelling below my ear was an inflamed nerve. Over the next few days, I completed the course of antibiotics but the symptoms seemed to worsen with the passing of each day. On the fifth day my husband fetched me from work to take my again to the doctor.I fell asleep against the window of the car and awoke with a start when the car went over a bump in the road.As I opened my bleary eyes and started focusing, there in front of me was “Trauma Unit” in bright red neon lights. There is no truer saying than “listen to your gut feel”, and on that particular day, I took heed of my gut feel, which was screaming out that something was wrong.I turned to my husband and quietly asked him if he could take me to the trauma unit.I had no sooner uttered those words when he suddenly transformed into a hot rod driver; he could have easily been given a role in “The Fast and The Furious”. I had never seen him drive a car like that before!The way he manoeuvred the car was like nothing I had ever seen or experienced before. He had that car turned and into the entrance of the hospital in seconds.After twenty years of marriage he knew me well enough to know that I would never ask to be taken to the hospital, unless I was much sicker than I was letting on.

On arrival at the trauma unit I was ushered into an examining cubicle where an initial examination was performed.The results of the examination prompted the doctors to have an intravenous drip administered together with a request for a CT scan. It was all so overwhelming for me, I knew I was terribly ill but was it necessary to have a CT scan? I will never forget the fear when the doctors spoke with us and advised that the results of the CT scan suggested a stroke or a tumour in the brain.

The doctors readied me for an MRI scan to confirm the exact diagnosis. It is difficult to explain the thoughts racing through your head when you receive news such as this.“How could I have had a stroke?” I was surely too young to have a stroke. “What if it was a tumour in my brain and more so, what if it was inoperable?” My mind was so occupied during the wait that I could not talk at all.I was utterly mute and all this time was using every ounce of my energy on remaining calm.My husband and I were met in the cubicle on our return from the MRI with an entire entourage of doctors and specialists.It was confirmed that the results of the MRI suggested Multiple Sclerosis.

I was advised by the doctors that I would have to be admitted to the hospital immediately for treatment. I have in my book shared my experiences, innermost feelings and fears during this time.

MRI Report

I have made peace with having this disease, for it has created a strong and confident woman. I have realised that courage and strength lies within all of us, we just need a moment in our life where we are presented with the opportunity, negative or positive, to unlock it. I often tell people when talking about my experiences and my book, that I see this disease as a gift.I know that this may sound strange to most, but had I not been diagnosed with disease, I may never have realised my full potential as a human being and more importantly, my purpose in life.Sadly, so many people live their whole life without ever knowing their purpose.I am privileged to have found mine, and that is it to help and inspire others. I am intensely passionate about my life experiences and hope that they can have a positive impact on others. You can read all about my multiple sclerosis journey in my book. I say journey, because in truth we are all travelling different journeys in this life, we just don’t all travel the same road. So, join me on my incredible journey in my book.