My Book journey,

I so wish that this book had been available and accessible when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. More importantly it could have been a life-line for me in the initial few months after my diagnosis. There is so much information available on Multiple Sclerosis but, I was looking for more.I wanted to know one thing, end that was; why me?

This journey of mine was taken alone and was to take me through a myriad of discoveries, hurt and to a depth of pain that I never knew existed.I have not at any time in my life been so focused and directed on anything as much as, fulfilling my dream of completing this book. I am more convinced than ever before; that this story is of importance to anyone who has been affected by Multiple Sclerosis. This book could be a point of reference for others to compare their journey with mine so that we can start to elimnate items of reference.

People have asked me why I would consider sharing intimate details of my life with strangers.The answer is simply, why not? Why would anyone not want to take the opportunity to help others overcome their difficulties and or pain? This disease is still so much of a mystery and I truly believe that the answers are there, we just need to share our stories and our lives to find them.

Three years were spent researching, reading and questioning, so that I could find some or any answers on why I, and millions of others, developed this debilitating autoimmune disease. Part one of the book is an overview of my life from birth through to the time of my diagnosis in July 2015. The idea was for readers and more importantly; others who have Multiple Sclerosis, to gain an insight into my character which was built up on many life hardships, joys as well as illnesses and viruses that I suffered throughout my life. It is difficult to understand the effects of one’s life events if you do not have an intimate background of the individual and their beginnings.Most of what is contained in Part One of my book is later discussed in Part two, with particular references made to the disease.

Part one also includes my weight loss journey which I embarked upon prior to my diagnosis.I followed a strict low carbohydrate, high protein eating plan and; successfully lost 27 kilograms in three months.

In part two, I focused on all my life events and illnesses, and discussed each one briefly in a chapter, in an attempt to determine whether there could have been a causative factor in each of these events, that could have played a role in me becoming susceptible to the development of the disease.Chapters in part two include childhood trauma, measles virus, chickenpox, appendicitis, herpes virus and ulcerative colitis, all of which affected me during my childhood, teenage years and into adulthood.

Part two also includes a chapter that focuses on the role of ketosis and the benefits which I have personally experienced. I have been amazed at the results of following the eating plan that I originally started before my diagnosis.The results have been simply astonishing and may have some significant value. The chapter on ketosis also outlines the basic foods that I allowed throughout my eating plan and still follow today.

This disease is surprisingly still much of a mystery even today, although it was discovered over 150 years ago. I have over the past two years spent much time giving thought to the fact that there are still so few answers.

My book “My Heart Soar's Tho' My Body Hurts!” launched on the 8th December 2018. I will keep everyone updated on the date and venue of the next launch.